What Is the Singapore Lottery?

Any form of gambling is considered illegal in Singapore and serious offenders can be fined or detained for six months in prison. The government of this city-state takes their gambling law seriously.

However, if you really wish to gamble in Singapore, there are two ways you can do that. You can either bet on a horse race event in Singapore Turf Club or buy a lottery ticket in

Singapore Pools.

Fortunately, Singapore allows state lottery and horserace betting, they are also an exception to the Remote Gambling Act of 2014.

The lottery business in Singapore is pretty abundant and it is evident in the amount of participants engaging in this betting form every week and the huge amount of prizes available for the winner.

Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools is a governing body that presides over the state lottery in Singapore. The official website of Singapore Pools also offers a variety of lottery games, sports wagering and horserace betting.

This platform has a good reputation because it was owned by the state and it is operated by the aforementioned organization. The website is also easy to navigate and is available in English, Mandarin, Thai, Bahasa, and Tamil languages.

4D Lotto

Basically, 4D is similar to regular lottery and it is one of the lucrative games in the Singapore Pool site. To play 4D, you need to select a four-figure number anywhere from 0000 to 9999, easy right?

Across each five prize categories, at least 23 sets of winning 4D combinations are taken from each draw. The lowest cost of the lottery ticket is $1, and GST is already included. The draws for this lottery game are happening every Saturday and Sunday and Wednesday at 6:30pm.

TOTO Lottery

TOTO is the first lottery game ever played in Singapore Pools history. Inaugurated in 1968, the name of the game came from the combination of ‘totalisator’ and ‘lotto’.

To play this lottery game, players can pick at least six digits anywhere in between 1 and 49. On each draw, six winning digits and one additional number are being picked. If it happens that three numbers from your ticket matches at least three numbers from the winning combination, you will win a prize.

The minimum prize for the TOTO lottery ticket is $1, and it also includes the GST. Every Monday and Thursday, draws are happening at 6:30pm. A cascade draw also occurs with the draw time happening at 9:30pm.

Singapore Sweep

Also known as the Big Sweep, the first game of the Singapore Sweep was played in 1969, with an intention to raise funds to build the first National Stadium in Singapore. Back then, the first prize was $400,000 while the prize of the ticket was $1.

In order to play Singapore Sweep, players need to select a seven-digit number anywhere from 1000000 to 4499999. As of current date, there are over 3.5 million numbers available to be drawn.

For each draw, at least 133 groups of winning seven-digit numbers and 9 groups of winning two-digit numbers are being picked.

The official draw for this lottery game happens every first Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm. The cost of the ticket per seven-digit combination is 43, which includes GST.


The lottery games in SingaporePool odds are exciting and fun because you have choices. You can choose from 4D, TOTO or Singapore Sweep with each one having its own methods of playing and prize pool.

Singapore pools are home to exciting betting opportunities and amazing prizes. Before you bet online, make sure that you read carefully all of the terms and conditions presented by the betting site to avoid problems in your account.

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